Welcome to the first TLR Jesus Center in the world, situated in Thisted, Denmark. The TLR Center consists of 7,300 m2/23950 ft2 of buildings and 61,000 m2/15 acres of land. God has opened a great door with this center and there are so many possibilities!



  • Reception area and offices
  • Common Room and Café
  • Dorm rooms with kitchen and toilets
  • Dining area for 150 people
  • New fitness center with gym and sports hall
  • Fully equipped conference room for 350-400 people
  • 3 houses fully equipped for 90 people
  • Outdoor football field and more
center-map 2.jpg

1. House 1   2. House 2    3. House 3    4. Kitchen    5. Dining Room   6. Reception

7. Class Rooms   8. Dorm Rooms   9. Common Room   10. Auditorium   11. Sports Hall   

12. Larger Hall  13. Garages   14. Small Field   15. Main Car Park  16. Car Park  17. Playing Field


our story



The center was a former boarding school for 130 students. The school went bankrupt resulting in the price dropping lower and lower, so that the price of this huge venue was even cheaper than the price of our former Jesus Hotel in Aalborg, which was much smaller in comparison. The newest building of the center was built for 3.5 million Euros/25 million DKK alone, and this doesn’t include all the equipment and all the other buildings of the school. We were able to purchase all of this for only 600,000 Euros/4.5 million DKK. We know that this place is from God and it is a great blessing!

A few years ago we received a prophetic word that God wanted to start 5 different hubs across the world. So called 'Jesus Centers' where we would be able to train and equip believers and then send them out all over the world. In January 2018 God spoke to us about this property in Thisted and about starting a TLR radio station that will broadcast all over the world. After hearing this we thought that Thisted was too far away from Aalborg, where we had the Jesus Hotel, but then we felt God saying that there are many places where we can send people - all over the world, but also to a nearby island called Mors.

God then really confirmed this to us when a young man from our Jesus Hotel who didn’t know anything about these plans told us that God had given him a dream a few days before, where he was with co-workers from the Jesus Hotel in a very big school where they were training and equipping Christians and sending them out to Mors and all over the world. In the dream he also saw Torben speaking into a large megaphone and it was being sent out all over the world. We knew instantly that this dream was a confirmation from God about the new Jesus Center located near Mors and also about the TLR radio station that God had spoken to him about earlier that day.

After successfully securing this new place, the team from the Jesus Hotel in Aalborg got rid of the Jesus Café and the Jesus Hotel and moved out to Thisted, where the first Jesus Center is now up and running.

Interestingly, the first building of the center was built around 1943 by the Germans in the 2nd World War, because this is the highest place in the area, at 45 meters above sea level. The Germans believed that if they built a radio station here they could reach all over the coast to England, but now we are going to use this place to send out the good news of Jesus Christ!

German Radar.jpg

Activities & Events

There are lots of exciting things going on at the Jesus Center. We are running PTS schools, Luke 10 Mission schools and Kickstart seminars here, as well as a Bed and Breakfast and Summer Camps. The fitness center and sports hall provide the opportunity to play sports such as floorball, volleyball, badminton and more. We have a new common room which is an amazing place to hear and talk about Jesus, have fellowship and share life together. Inside we have a Café, where you can relax with a delicious coffee, cappuccino or a hot chocolate. We really hope this will be a place where people will experience Jesus and lives will be changed!


Find out more

If you would like to find out more about the new Jesus Center in Thisted you can take a look at the YouTube video below: