About the Jesus Center

How do I get to the Jesus Center?
Download description: How to get to the Jesus Center


Can a non-Christian come to the Jesus Center?
Of course!


Can I bring my pet to the Jesus Center?
Unfortunately, it is not possible to bring your pet. (During the Summer Camp you can bring your pet if you are staying at our camping site. Pets are not allowed inside the buildings.)


Can I buy food at the Jesus Center?
When you visit us and ask beforehand, you can buy food and eat at our scheduled meals. Only for the Summer Camp it will not be possible to buy food on site, therefore we ask you that you book your food beforehand online on our Summer Camp booking page .


Can I come to the Jesus Center for the day?
We advise to always contact us via info@tlrjesuscenter.com before you come, so we know what you need help with or/and to have people available to meet you.


Can I use the sports hall during my stay?
The sports hall is not open for visitors at all times. Please ask when you come here.


Do you have WiFi at the Jesus Center?
Yes, our WiFi is free to use.


If I want to buy something (e.g. books, dvd’s) or pay for my stay at the Jesus Center, what currency do you use?
You can pay with your credit card. And we accept cash: DKK (Danish kroner), EUR (Euros) or USD (U.S. Dollars).


Is there a supermarket near the Jesus Center?
There is a supermarket 3 km from the Center.


Kickstart Weekend

Can I come before the Kickstart weekend and stay after the Kickstart weekend?
You are welcome to arrive the day before (Thursday) after 6pm and you can stay until Sunday around 2pm, when the Kickstart weekend ends. Unfortunately, it is not possible to arrive before or stay longer.


Bed & Breakfast

When can I book a room in the Jesus Center B&B?
The booking system will be online in a few weeks. If you want to come and stay in the B&B before, please contact us via info@tlrjesuscenter.com before you come. Before, during and after special events at the Jesus Center (e.g. Kickstart weekends, Summer Camp), it is not possible to book a room in our B&B.


Summer Camp

Can I come before the Summer Camp 6th July 2018 and stay after the Summer Camp the 14th July 2018?
Unfortunately, it is not possible to come before the 6th July 2018 and it is not possible to stay after the 14th July 2018.


Can I come to the Summer Camp only during the day?
Yes, of course. But you need to register here first.


Do I have to check in when I arrive to the Summer Camp?
Yes, please check in between 2pm-10pm at the reception in the main building.